Study Lucky Seventh Week of Pregnancy extra

Lucky Seventh Week of Pregnancy

Pimples On Arms

Pimples On Arms

You're on your seventh week of your pregnancy. Yahoo! The end of first trimester is, well, so near yet so far. But hey, who's counting? You are seven weeks pregnant and you should enjoy the miracle that's happening in you and your partner's lives. Not all couples are blessed with child and whether you plan this pregnancy or not you still should be thankful for this wonderful blessing. Now, there are a lot of good classes these days that help couples during the duration of pregnancy. You and your partner might want to discuss this at this early stage.

As for your baby, the seventh week is pretty much a busy week for him or her. The baby is continuously adapting inside your body. It's a big week for Mom, Dad and Baby because the umbilical cord has formed by this week. No physical mother-child bond is ever tighter than this one. The cord will be your connection to your baby throughout the pregnancy. You will provide him or her oxygen and sustenance. You'll also dispose his or her wastes.

You can be extra excited for this week because seventh week is the stage where the baby's face is further defined. In fact, the mouth, nose and lips of the baby are recognizable during this stage. Furthermore, the bones of your unborn child are starting to form. And though few more weeks are needed to certainly know if your baby is a she or a he, during the seventh week the baby's sex glands appear. At the end of the seventh week of pregnancy, your baby's crown to rump measurement should be approximately 8 mm. The baby should also weigh about .8 grams around this time.

As for mom, seven weeks of being pregnant will be a continuation of your sixth week morning sickness story. Fatigue will kick in and so try to take naps as many times as possible. There will be changes in skin pigmentation during pregnancy and this is the stage when the changes start to show. Even in terms of hair, you'll have more hair on your arms and legs during this stage, sometimes even on your face. And if you happen to wake up in the morning with a huge zit or numerous little pimples on your face, don't worry, breakouts are part of being pregnant. Of course, your regular pre-natal check-up shouldn't be skipped during this week.

For dad, shopping with or without your pregnant partner for maternity clothes and pregnancy books is something that you can do. Together with your partner, you can now start listing items that your baby needs after birth. You can ask family and friends who already have children advices and tips that can help you help your pregnant partner. In fact, the best people to ask for help are your own mother and your mother-in-law (or partner's mom if you're not yet married).

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