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Cosmetic Acne - Are Your Cosmetics Causing Your Acne?

Pimples On Arms

Beauty creams and other cosmetics may restore the dew of youth to grown-up faces, but they also can restore a less-lovely legacy of the teenage years and that is pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. Cosmetic acne is caused by ingredients in makeup that can trigger a breakout of acne pimples.

Cosmetics don't cause severe acne, a hereditary condition caused by overactive and poorly drained oil glands. Nor are the old bugaboos of fried food, soda and chocolate now thought to be guilty. But long-term use of certain cosmetics, especially some moisturizers, can cause pores to block, and whiteheads, blackheads and pimples to form even in adults. Adult women with mild acne often agree that use of cosmetics may be the culprit in cosmetic acne.

Tests of common cosmetic ingredients have implicated some in causing acne symptoms and absolved others. Among the so-called "comedogenic" (blackhead- forming) ingredients are: isopropyl myristate, isopropyl esters, oleic acid, steric acid, petrolatum, lanolin, acetylated lanolin alcohols, lanolinfatty acid, linseed oil, olive oil and cocoa butter.

These ingredients are fine for drier-skinned parts of the body, such as arms, legs, hands and feet but can cause problems when used on the face.

Common ingredients that usually don't cause blemishes, she said, include: mineral oil, octyl palmitate, isostearyl neopentanoate, cottonseed oil, corn oil, safflower oil, propylene glycol, spermaceti, beeswax and na lauryl sulfate.

In many people, acne subsides by the mid to late twenties, but in others, particularly women, pimples erupt through adulthood, especially at ovulation or menstruation. Pimples form when the skin's oily secretions become plugged up and the skin becomes inflamed. If an oily plug is exposed to the air, it turns black, becoming a blackhead. A plug that remains sealed to the air is a whitehead. The blockage becomes a pimple when the pore's drainage follicle is stretched and broken, bacteria make the oily material rancid, and a cyst forms.

Mild acne sometimes responds well to benzoyl peroxide preparations, sold in drugstores. Antibiotics and other treatments are prescribed by dermatologists for more severe cases.

If your face is very dry a moisturizer can help improve the skin's appearance. Women who are prone to cosmetic acne should avoid products that rely on ingredients that tend to cause trouble.Moisturizers will not prevent wrinkles. The only way to do that is to stay out of the sun and use a sunscreen outdoors. Protection should begin in childhood, principally to reduce the chance of developing skin cancer.

If you are experiencing cosmetic acne and think it may be caused from your makeup, the best way to determine if it is the culprit is to switch to a makeup that doesn't contain ingredients known to cause problems. Trial and error is the best method to determine what cosmetics work best for your particular skin.

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Pimple on the Nose


Pimple on the Nose - Common Myths and Truths

A pimple on the nose area is often the highlight of the face. This one feature on the face can allow a small set of pimples to stand out prominently. It never fails that these develop when there is an important event occurring, either. If you are dealing with a red dot on your nose, it pays to know how to get rid of it properly. The problem is, though, many times people believe common myths about acne and they do not employ the proper treatment to get rid of the ugly looking red dot. You do not have to suffer from this condition, though.

Pimple on the Nose - Don't Believe It

If you have the development of acne in this area of the face, the good news is that it is common. The nose is a hotbed for bacteria. The skin here tends to have more oil than other areas of the face. it also is a prominent area for suffering from wind damage or exposure. As a result, there are often a large number of skin cells discarded from the area. This, plus the easy access to bacteria creates the perfect assortment of environmental factors for pimple creation.

If you develop a pimple on the nose, do something about it. However, do avoid these common myths.

1 - Pop it - it is the fastest way to get rid of it. That is not true. In fact, it may reduce the redness initially but it also spreads the bacteria to the surrounding tissue, therefore increasing the number of pimples you will have.

2 - Do not do anything - you could damage the skin for good. Though acne can leave scars, doing nothing about the pimples is not the right solution. Rather, use mild soap and exfoliation to help cleanse the area properly, removing the oil and dead skin cells from the mix.

3 - A pimple here means cold sores - That is not the truth either. Cold sores commonly occur on the area surrounding the lips and on the lips themselves, not the nose. If you develop a pimple here and it is large enough or broken open enough to resemble that of a cold sore, you may need treatment that is more extensive. Do not avoid it.

Rather than deal with the pimple, it is often best to take the next step and just to get rid of it through proper care. There are over the counter treatment options available that can help to reduce the redness and help to heal the inflamed tissues quickly. The key here is to use them as soon as possible. You will want to dry out the pimple properly, without breaking it open. You can do this with many over the counter products.

A pimple on the nose is common, but it does not have to ruin your complexion. Rather, it should be an opportunity for you to improve the overall health of your skin through improved care. Taking care of your skin can reduce the risk of developing more acne in this area.

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Blackheads and whiteheads, also known as comedowns, lodge themselves mainly on the face, shoulders, back, chest and upper arms. This is the specific part of the body that is troublesome and it is called the "T" zone.

This zone is located on face extending from the top middle part of the forehead and across from left to right in the shape of the crossbar of the "T". The zone continues down past the nose and onto the chin in the shape of the base of a "T".

Reasons for the outbreaks in this area are numerous

Hands are not sterile and are constantly touching the face either with purpose or automatically. People have no idea how many times a day they touch their faces, but once aware of the condition begin to break the habit. Touching or rubbing exacerbates acne on the face and brings more outbreaks. Breaking the habit will reduce the amount of acne and flare-ups.

Stress is a factor in outbreaks and the first place you find a pimple is either on the chin or nose. The "T" zone is most sensitive and the flare-up will spread quickly throughout this area if not kept clean.

The "T" zone is where you will find most of your acne due to the amount of oil and bacteria that collects there. The contour of the face is enabling bacteria and oil to congregate in the crevices and corners around the eyes, lips, chin and corners of the nose.

Almost everyone has more than one skin type in the "T" zone. Everyone's skin is different and in the "T" zone most people have all the skin types somewhere along the entire strip. You will find a combination of oily, dry or normal skin. Controlling acne in the zone may be cumbersome using different methods on various spots, but in order to control outbreaks a routine needs

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The "T" Area Acne Pattern

Study 7 Effective Pimple Cures That Work Great extra

There are plenty of pimple cures. Some are costly. But some of them are considered pretty inexpensive. Today, I am bringing for you some natural and inexpensive pimple cures. These are discussed as follows:

1. Blackhead strips

You should make a plentiful usage of blackhead strips. You only would require to place the strip on your acne affected areas of skin for 15 minutes. Your pimples will be white washed quickly.

2. Drink Enough Fresh Juices

It's extremely vital for you to drink as much as necessary juices in order to dispose of pimples. The fresh juices intake can be included as: orange, grate fruits, pomegranate, apple, pear, guava, and pine apple, etc.

3. Drink Plenty of Lemon Juice

During acne ailment, it's extremely vital for you to drink at least 5 glasses of lemon juice each day. The reason is that wholesome lemon juice will eradicate the toxins in your body, and dispose of the acne disease.

4. Apply Biocutis on Your Pimple Areas of Skin

If you apply the balm like Biocutis on your zit areas of skin, you will certainly be able to get rid of acne.

5. Eat Less Oily & Peppery Foods

If you want to reduce your pimples, keep away from slippery and spicy foods like: chicken Kari, mutton Kari, green pepper, red pepper, creams, sweets, cottage cheese, fat milk, and sugar, margarine, and cookies etc.

6. Apply a Paste of Cucumber, Coriander, and Mint on Your Zit Areas of Skin

Apply a paste these items on your acne affected areas of skin, your pimples will be 100% removed.

7. Apply a Drop of Natural Honey on Your Pimple Areas of Skin

If you want to get rid of acne syndrome quickly, apply a drop of honey on your pimple areas of skin. Leave it for 15 minutes, and rinse off. Your pimples will be 100% removed.

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7 Effective Pimple Cures That Work Great

Study Changes That Appear on the Skin During Pregnancy! extra

Changes That Appear on the Skin During Pregnancy!

Pimples On Arms

Pimples On Arms

Chloasma (Melasma or mask of pregnancy):

Have you noticed the appearance of yellow or brown spots or discoloration on your skin when you look in the mirror? These spots are chloasma or mask of pregnancy. Chloasma is the appearance of dark spots around the eyes, in the forehead, on the nose and the cheeks. It caused by the effects of pregnancy hormones (progesterone and estrogen) on the melanocytes in the skin. If you are prone to have melasma you can reduce that by avoiding exposure to the sun for long periods. You will also notice that the effects of pigmentation (spots) will start to fade after birth when the hormones of the body start to go back to their normal levels before pregnancy.

Pimples and Acne:

Many pregnant women may notice the appearance of pimples on their skin even more than before the pregnancy. If so, you have to try to maintain the cleanliness of your face using a gentle face cleanser. If it is required to visit a dermatologist remember to tell him you are pregnant. Face Cleansers and facial scrubs products that are made from oats are considered the best option to get rid of pimples. Try to avoid deep peeling products because the skin is more sensitive during pregnancy.

Darkening of some areas:

It is expected to notice some darkening of the nipple and the areola during pregnancy and shortly after birth. If you have some freckles on your face, expect also an increase in the darkening of your freckles and the appearance of new spots.

Stretch marks:

Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of pregnant women appear to have stretch marks during the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy resulting from dilation of the inner layers of the skin during pregnancy. Stretch marks show in a form of white or red lines on the abdomen, and sometimes on the breasts and hips. Fortunately, these marks fade with time and gradually becoming a silver white color, making them nearly invisible.

Black line:

You may notice the appearance of a light brown line extends from the navel to the pelvic area. This is called (linea nigra) and shows also as a result of hormonal changes in pregnancy. This line disappears after several weeks of birth.

Skin tags:

Skin tags or Warts are small harmless extensions of the skin; sometimes their color might be darker than skin color. Skin tags appear in many places of the body, especially the folds such as the neck, eyelids, under the armpits, pubic area, under the breasts, and in the genital area. Typically, these tags do not disappear after birth. It is possible to remove the skin tag during or after pregnancy by cauterization or cutting. This process is done by the dermatologist; it is very easy and takes only few minutes.

Spider veins:

They are blood capillaries in form of a spider web, bright red or crimson. They Show on face, neck, chest, legs and arms. The reason for the emergence of these spider veins during pregnancy is the increase in the activity of the circulatory system and the hormonal changes. They disappear after birth and can be treated by taking doses of vitamin C and refraining from putting one leg over the other.

Varicose veins:

Varicose veins are swollen blood vessels that appear in the legs during pregnancy and disappear completely or partially after birth. You can avoid or reduce their appearance by doing some simple exercises, and an increased dose of vitamin C, and by refraining from putting one leg over the other, as well as by wearing medical socks before getting out of the bed in the morning.

Redness of hands and feet:

Due to the increase of the level of estrogen in the body of a pregnant woman, she tends to have red palms and soles; she also has the tendency to scratch them. These symptoms begin in the second month of pregnancy, but they disappear completely after birth.

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Examine How To Cure Pimples Fast & Effectively extra

Acne is a condition that affects approximately 20% of adults and 85% of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 24. It is estimated that a whopping 60 million American have active acne. With these numbers it is no surprise that you may be battling acne and pimples at least sometimes.

The problem is that pesky pimples seem to rear their ugly little inflamed heads at the most inopportune times. It seems that acne appears on the day before prom, the morning of your wedding or when you are getting ready to go on that crucial first date with Mr. or Ms. Wonderful.

When you have that unexpected breakout, there are some things that you can do to minimize the inflammation that includes redness and swelling, or you can get rid of the pimple altogether.

There are over the counter remedies that work well or you may opt to visit your doctor. He or she can give you injections in the lesion which makes the pimple less noticeable, even invisible, almost immediately. However, if you want to use natural acne cures, you can try these things.

Drink plenty of water at least ninety ounces a day. Steam your face so as to open your pores and cleanse them - then rinse with cold water to close your pores and prevent further bacteria getting in there.

Eat more fruit and fresh veggies. Avoid overly processed and spicy food. Use natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and honey as these have anti bacterial properties.

Change your towels and bed clothing regularly and always remember to pat your skin dry rather than rub it dry as this will further irritate your skin.

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How To Cure Pimples Fast & Effectively

Study Lucky Seventh Week of Pregnancy extra

Lucky Seventh Week of Pregnancy

Pimples On Arms

Pimples On Arms

You're on your seventh week of your pregnancy. Yahoo! The end of first trimester is, well, so near yet so far. But hey, who's counting? You are seven weeks pregnant and you should enjoy the miracle that's happening in you and your partner's lives. Not all couples are blessed with child and whether you plan this pregnancy or not you still should be thankful for this wonderful blessing. Now, there are a lot of good classes these days that help couples during the duration of pregnancy. You and your partner might want to discuss this at this early stage.

As for your baby, the seventh week is pretty much a busy week for him or her. The baby is continuously adapting inside your body. It's a big week for Mom, Dad and Baby because the umbilical cord has formed by this week. No physical mother-child bond is ever tighter than this one. The cord will be your connection to your baby throughout the pregnancy. You will provide him or her oxygen and sustenance. You'll also dispose his or her wastes.

You can be extra excited for this week because seventh week is the stage where the baby's face is further defined. In fact, the mouth, nose and lips of the baby are recognizable during this stage. Furthermore, the bones of your unborn child are starting to form. And though few more weeks are needed to certainly know if your baby is a she or a he, during the seventh week the baby's sex glands appear. At the end of the seventh week of pregnancy, your baby's crown to rump measurement should be approximately 8 mm. The baby should also weigh about .8 grams around this time.

As for mom, seven weeks of being pregnant will be a continuation of your sixth week morning sickness story. Fatigue will kick in and so try to take naps as many times as possible. There will be changes in skin pigmentation during pregnancy and this is the stage when the changes start to show. Even in terms of hair, you'll have more hair on your arms and legs during this stage, sometimes even on your face. And if you happen to wake up in the morning with a huge zit or numerous little pimples on your face, don't worry, breakouts are part of being pregnant. Of course, your regular pre-natal check-up shouldn't be skipped during this week.

For dad, shopping with or without your pregnant partner for maternity clothes and pregnancy books is something that you can do. Together with your partner, you can now start listing items that your baby needs after birth. You can ask family and friends who already have children advices and tips that can help you help your pregnant partner. In fact, the best people to ask for help are your own mother and your mother-in-law (or partner's mom if you're not yet married).

There are many pregnancy guide all over the world. Before you spend your time and money. Here I give you a Free Pregnancy Book.

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Do You Have Chin Acne Problems?

Pimples On Arms

Pimples On Arms

Women are most terribly affected by acne due to hormonal changes. Phase during their menstrual cycle is the occasion when they are mainly affected by spots, pimples, zits or additional skin problems. That is the moment when the body goes through a lot of hormonal variations. Acne can arise on different places of the human body, such as the cheek, chin, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks. Acne impacts both adolescence and adults. No one is left safe and sound by it. Furthermore acne breakouts on the chin in women can have a negative impact on their appearance.

In women, sometime acne breakouts happen at normal times. Sometimes particularly before their menstrual phase. As a result, that major cause of acne is a hormonal change and other reasons are undue toxin in body, stress, anxiety, depression, scarcity of nutritional food, dust, and genetics, etc.

There are loads of treatments, prescription and acne solutions existing in market to heal the problem of spots on chin in women. Together with them there are lots of laser treatments, natural cures, and home remedies available that can help out women dispose of acne on chin without problems. Accutane is a successful cure for chin acne in women. While, it is advised to employ it vigilantly. Pregnant women and diabetics must keep away from using it. A customary intake of this medication can make well acne.

Supplementary ways to take care of chin acne contain using Oxy 10 cream. Rinse your face with gentle moisturizer and apply Oxy 10. Don't stop thinking about to start using it a few days before your periods and keep on till your periods closing stages. This is a successful method to deal with the problem.

Together with that you should be cautious about your diet. Be habitual in timings of chow and have clean fruits and vegetables. Try and drink plenty of hygienic water. Drink spanking new juices. All these little tips can also help out heal acne on chin.

As you can see, there are many ways to get rid of acne. There are countless acne products, treatments and remedies to try. However, in my case nothing seemed to work for me. After suffering from acne for so long and trying many different remedies and products I finally found the best way to cure my acne in the fastest time. You can find out more information about it at http://www.goldenreviews.net/acne-free-in-3-days-review/

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Organic Pimple Remedies - How to Cure Pimples Naturally



Pimples are an infuriating aspect of a lifetime which typically begin appearing in your preteens as well as teenage years. Conversely, adult acne can also be an issue. Zits are typically a problem because they appear exactly on your face - the area in which people generally see when they look at you. On the other hand, they can also show on your back, arms along with other places of one's respective physique.

Pimples can result in issues whenever you are probably in the university activity, a task interview or other type of celebration as part your life if you need to appear at your best. At times,usually, covering it up with just make-up will not do the trick and also normally makes it worse by contributing for that bacteria inside the zit. You may would like to get rid of zits fast. You'll find several techniques that you could start as soon as you are ready on how to get rid of pimples quick.

You can find two kinds of remedies for pimples - organic and inorganic remedies. An organic option might be the nicest approach to start with. Don't basically squeeze an acne spot as it'll only support the bacteria living on your epidermis and also you'll find your self with a more complicated skin problem later! Allow us to speak about Pure Pimple Cure Solution given that this is the most efficient with much less side effects and risk compared to chemical treatments that may provide complications to our pores and skin concern. And also the recommended organic pimple remedies to be applied.

Purify your skin 2-3 times each day.

You need to use a facial soap which contains detoxifying green clay, hazelnut oil and also necessary oils which includes of clove, red thyme, spike lavender as well as myrhh to purify, decongest and also cure the skin color. Use an all natural pimple skin treatment cure. Scrub skin lightly with an exfoliating pad or washcloth, but don't rub it too hard, It is possible to sap your skin of its personal normal oils, which support to repel buildup definitely.

Utilize a cream or lotion

Pimple Creams combine licensed organic, therapeutic blends of necessary oils with nourishing jojoba, rose hip and centella. The lotion is a pores and skin remedy to profoundly nourish, heal and balance the epidermis. These oils are absorbed deeply in to the epidermis, supplying more energetic vitamins than the majority of creams.

These are just some of natural skin treatment solutions. Verify our other epidermis treatment items, qualified all natural ingredients. You may well locate one that suitable for the pores and skin requirements. Natural merchandise is a lot more effective much less possibility evaluate to chemical substance base products.

Eden Hermosura has done several researches about pimples and she wants to share it with you.

Understand Ways To Stop Acne! How To Treat Infected Skin and Protect Against Pimples and Boils additional

Ask anyone what acne is and you'll likely be told it is something you get on the face. Now ask what is "involved" with acne, and you'll likely hear it includes, pimples, spots, boils, cysts, white-heads and blackheads. While this is partly right, acne is not restricted to the face alone, it can occur on the neck, chest, shoulders, upper arms and back. As for pimples, spots, boils, cysts, white-heads and blackheads - that about sums it up!

Acne is a harmless disease that involves the oil glands of the skin, nonetheless, a serious episode of acne can leave ugly scars. As of yet no particular cause is highlighted why acne happens, however, rising androgen levels is a popular one and of which commonly affects adolescents. Increasing androgen levels make oil glands beneath the skin grow; the enlarged gland creates more oil. An overload of sebum can break down cellular walls in the pores allowing bacteria to breed. Some experts agree, susceptibility to acne is genetic, while medications containing androgen and lithium being another cause. Other, are oily cosmetics and hormone changes during pregnancy.

Pimple Types: White-heads (small and stay beneath the skin.) Blackheads (appear on the skin's surface.) Papules (small bumps, usually pink.) Pustules (normally they are red at the base with pus filled heads.) Nobules (large hard pimples, sometimes sore and embedded deep in the skin.) Cysts (filled with pus, often painful.)

Skin tips to help prevent and treat acne

1. Is it bad for skin regardless of acne or not to wash more than necessary? With constant scrubbing you run risk of taking heads off pimples and infection. It is not good to wash often without cause, and neither is it good to use cleaning agents and cosmetics not made for your skin type. This can further trouble the skin, bringing more spots, oil and irritation.

2. Don't shock the skin with boiling hot or freezing cold water. Warm water is a safer option along with soap specially created for treating acne.

3. Everyone knows not to squeeze pimples, and yet most people do. Resist the urge to squeeze if you're to prevent inflamed red skin and scarring. Another reason not to burst boils or pimples, other than infection... what if it's neither! Fingernails are the worst offenders for tearing skin. Don't chance making the acne worse, because torn skin is an open invitation to infection.

4. Use antiseptic wipes to clean things you touch. For example: Telephone, comb and glasses etc.' But I'm clean, this is absurd,' oh no it's not! How many times throughout the day after coming in contact with pimples, do you then use these things without washing your hands... exactly! It is very possible that sebum and skin residue remain on them. A couple of seconds is all it takes to wipe them clean to remove grime.

5. Skin needs to breathe. If the body is covered in acne wear loose garments. Headbands, caps and scarves are best left out of the wardrobe. If they're something you need to wear, make sure they are washed regular.

6. Never go to bed without removing makeup. Choose nonceomedogenic or nonacnegenic products. Oily products clog pores, so a no go.

7. Choose a hairstyle that sweeps the hair off the face. Hair collects sebum and skin residue.

8. Too much sun can cause skin to produce more sebum. Protect skin accordingly.

9. Vitamins A, C and E, zinc, and plenty of water helps maintain healthy skin.

10. Medicated ointments containing benzoyl peroxide work well on mild acne, this is because the antibacterial and skin peeling actions take levels of bacteria down and unblock pores.

11. Medication containing active ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, and adabalene is likely to come prescribed from a dermatologist for treating badly infected skin. Depending on severity, other treatments are oral or topical antibiotics (erythromyocin and tetracycline) that fight growth of bacteria and reduce inflammation.

12. Pimples not responding to simple treatments, see a doctor for antibiotics.

If you can't help picking spots and squeezing blackheads, knowing full well the outcome if it goes wrong - at least protect the skin the best you can throughout the process.

Wash hands first. Don't use too much pressure to squeeze blackheads to unblock sebaceous glands. Exert pressure and you risk scarring. Control the aggressive need to be rid of the pimple, because if you puncture the skin through force, you now have an open wound rather than a mere nick in the skin.

Pimple On Arms

What other men and women effectively use to be rid of acne in days, may well work for you!

Ways To Stop Acne! How To Treat Infected Skin and Protect Against Pimples and Boils

Examine A Simple Acne Skin Care Plan That Will Make You Happy! a lot more

For those of us who are adults, we can testify that severe acne is not just a teenager's problem of puberty even though acne afflicts nearly 90% of teens the world over. You may be among the 25% of adult acne sufferers who face the same embarrassment as teens. At some time in life, severe acne afflicts every age, gender, and nationality. No one is immune.

If you are between 20 and 40 years of age, you likely have blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and zits on your face, or neck, or upper arms and shoulders. If you have chronic acne, you have acne in most of these spots on your body and, if you are a teen, well, you have a 90% chance of having this foul affliction.

At the root of chronic acne is bacteria, excessive oil, grime, make-up, and sweat are just some of the many factors that cause acne. Therefore, acne skin care must be targeted at keeping the skin clean and reducing its oiliness.

Are you ready to think outside the medication box if it means controlling your acne?

Are you ready to try some really simple things that could end up making you smile?

Disclaimer: What I will share in this article requires a commitment from you if you are going to see the results you have been looking for in those high-priced products. You should also understand that there is No Cure for acne. That's right! Acne cannot be cured. It can only be reduced. On that basis, are you willing to try something simple?

If you are willing to see a big difference in your acne, the first thing you need to do is start taking basic skin care seriously. This begins with face washing every day, at least twice a day with a facial cleansing product that is designed specifically for acne-prone skin types. This means you need to read the labels of products before you buy anything to use on your acne.

Face washing must be first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day if you can manage it, and most definitely before bedtime. Ladies: This is even more important if you wear makeup. Do NOT leave makeup on any longer than necessary. Avoid overnight creams and moisturizers as well. That goop can clog pores and make a nice bed and breakfast for acne bacteria to grow in.

When you wash and rinse, use lukewarm water. Extreme hot or cold water are bad, not good! Dry your face with a pure cotton towel. Pat dry. Do not rub when washing, rinsing, or drying.

A nice topical lotion, after washing, is one that contains tea tree oil. This will replace some of the skin oil you washed away and avoid dry skin. A good astringent can also be used to cleanse and tone the skin, followed by the application of a mild, water-based moisturizer. Read the label and follow directions.

If your work takes you outdoors a lot and into the sun, you need a good sun screen. Avoid tanning beds, too. That beautiful tan is deadly in many ways, especially on your skin pores. You are cooking your skin and that is never good!

It is a really bad habit to squeeze or itch pimples, blackheads, and other acne. Besides it being repulsive, you are just spreading bacteria to clean skin pores or any part of your body that you touch afterwards. And, you are creating another problem - scarring. Acne scars are even harder and more expensive to remove than the acne itself.

In addition to face washing, here are two alternative acne treatments that will make a difference.

1. Gently apply a spot of juice from a tomato, or mint, or cucumber directly to your acne and leave it for an hour or so before rinsing it off. These natural compounds kill bacteria.

2. Once a week apply a face mask consisting of an equal mix of almond powder, milk, and rose water. Your acne will hate it but your skin will love it. This goes for you guys as well. You do want great looking skin, right?

For many ladies makeup seems to be a daily necessity. That being true for you, you should never use cheap, heavy, or oil-based make up. Although a variety of products are designed to hide acne, they can actually clog skin pores and make your skin problems worse. If you must wear makeup, the best thing to do is invest in makeup that is water-based, hypo-allergenic and, as already mentioned, never leave makeup on overnight.

We cannot neglect one more issue - your diet. Cleaning your skin on the outside is only one part of the solution. You must clean your skin from the inside with a healthy diet.

Water is the number one solution. Apart from washing your skin, you should be drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. This is because some acne can be caused by poor digestion. Foods that are fried, too much sweets, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol all contribute to poor digestion that will show in your complexion.

To help your digestive process', besides plenty of water, add a glass of fresh lime, tomato, or carrot juice after meals. All help to cleanse toxins and hydrate the body internally. A balanced diet, juices, and water will give you fresh-looking skin that literally radiates health.

Now, I promised to make you smile and make you happy. My promise will come true when you follow the advice in this article. Scroll down to visit Jim's blog to ask a question.

Pimples On Arms
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A Simple Acne Skin Care Plan That Will Make You Happy!

Study Body Acne: How Is It Different From Facial Acne? much more

Having acne or pimples is a really natural thing. Almost everyone probably suffered from a breakout at some point in their lives. This of course usually occurs around teenage years when the body is still undergoing many changes and hormone levels are going up and down. And although common to teens, it may still be normal for people to continue experiencing acne throughout their adult years.

What may not seem so normal for many people however is when acne appears someplace else where they are least expected. Many still have the notion that pimple or acne is something that should only found on the face. Finding a breakout around the neck area is also quite normal.

But what if suddenly you start seeing the same red bump in your back area? They may also appear around your chest, your shoulders, and even your arms. Are these normal? Of course, body acne is not as common or as prevalent as facial acne but it is definitely normal to happen. Many people from all ages suffer from body acne.

Normally, some people do not mind having this condition at all especially in the case of men. This is because body acne can simply be hidden under clothes. Unlike facial acne, it is there for the entire world to see. So often, body acne ends up untreated. Some people simply do not mind the condition.

However, leaving body alone can aggravate the situation. While it is only in its earlier stages, it should be easier to treat. But when it is left alone, it could spread to wider areas and become more noticeable as it may start crawling up from the shoulders up to the neck area. It can become quite an unsightly infestation. Therefore, it is highly advisable to get body acne treatment.

Also, while most guys usually do not mind the condition, it is not the case for most ladies. Men wear clothes that usually have sleeves so hiding the scars left by body acne is easy. But for the ladies, a worsened body acne condition can limit choice of clothes such as spaghetti straps, tubes, and backless dresses.

Alright, so body acne is really quite a hindrance. So you might want to ask, what exactly causes this condition? Well, it is not really rocket technology. Basically, the cause is just the same with the facial acne. As to why it spread to beyond just your face may be due to factors like hygiene, lifestyle, and hormonal activity.

The formation of body pimple starts when the pores where hair follicles grow are blocked by comedogens. When this happens, oil produced by the sebaceous gland is blocked and becomes unable to reach the skin surface. This gives bacteria time to react on the oil formation and cause infection. This infection leads to the inflammation which becomes the pimple itself.

When it comes to treatment, it is also quite similar as with the case of facial acne. Regular bathing removes dirt that might block pores, occasional exfoliation gets rid of dead skin build up, and ingredients like salicylic acid can help dry up the pimples. For better treatment, it may be best to consult a dermatologist.

There are, of course, many ready made products on the market that can help a great deal with body acne. We have personal experience of several of these and can report that we saw excellent results.

Now that you are armed with this information you will be able to make a better decision about the best products for you.

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Body Acne: How Is It Different From Facial Acne?

Read How To Avoid Painful Infected Pimples Which Can Cause Scars extra

If you've ever had an infected pimple, then you know exactly how agonizingly painful and ugly they can be. Not only that, they can potentially become ugly acne scars. Infected pimples are generally much larger than whiteheads or blackheads. They are usually bright red, and full of pus. It's painful to touch them, and they are most common on the face. This is because the facial oil glands tend to be very active. Sometimes, though, they will occur on the neck, upper back or shoulders.

Generally, a pimple forms because the skin pores are blocked. This is caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells and sebum. There are always lots of skin bacteria present on the surface of the skin, and these are normally harmless. However once they get trapped in the skin pore, they help the pimple to become infected.

Once the infection occurs, the immune system springs into action, producing macrophages and monocytes to fight off the infection. These eat up the bacterial cells, and the remaining residue left behind in the pore erupts into a pus filled pimple. Pus is simply a mixture of toxins, fluids and dead cells. The dead cells are a mix of skin cells and bacterial cells. The problem is that pus can help encourage a secondary infection, which can make the existing acne problem even worse.

When you see a big, throbbing pimple on your face, it's very tempting to pop it. But beware - that's basically the worst thing you can do. Pimples are a little like icebergs - the pus filled papule is only about 40% of the total pimple. The rest is lurking deep under the skin. Popping the pimple actually pushes the pimple deeper into the skin, particularly if it's done in an unhygienic way. This makes the condition worse, and often leads to nearby follicles becoming infected as well.

When you've had an outbreak of acne, the surrounding area is very sensitive. The situation can be aggravated by the slightest irritation of the skin. When you burst a pimple and release all the pus, you risk triggering further outbreaks in uninfected areas. Popped pimples are also more susceptible to secondary infections and the formation of scars.

If you're patient, the swelling and redness will be substantially reduced after 2-3 days. The pimple will start to dry out and then wither away. It's important to follow some healthy practices if you want to control acne breakouts in an effective manner. Eat a healthy diet that includes a lot of fluid. This helps to restore the biochemical balance of your body. Wash your hands and face at least twice a day, using an antiseptic solution. Also clean your skin just before going to bed, using a mild cleanser. This will help flush your skin free of oil and dirt.


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How To Avoid Painful Infected Pimples Which Can Cause Scars

Understand How to Pop a Pimple - What is the Best Way to Get Rid of a Pimple Without Leaving a Scar? more

How to Pop a Pimple - What is the Best Way to Get Rid of a Pimple Without Leaving a Scar?


If you suffer from acne or even just the occasional pimple, then you've no doubt heard of the infamous "pimple popping" method for getting rid of zits. What most people do not realize is that there is a right way and a wrong way to pop a pimple.

First of all, allow me to clear the air: if you have what could be considered a bad acne problem then you probably shouldn't go around popping all your pimples. It would be best to instead focus on getting new breakouts under control and allow your skin to completely heal.

Still, there is a time and a place for everything, and it is undeniable that a popped pimple can often times look much better than a large unsightly whitehead. That's why I'm going to give you some basic advice to help you pop your pimples safely, effectively, and efficiently.

To start, you are going to have to be a little bit discriminatory when choosing a pimple to pop. You don't want to hurt yourself by attempting to pop a pimple that is not yet ready to be popped, so pick a nice large one that looks like it's ready to burst all on its own.

Before you commence with the pimple popping, you'll want to prick the pimple with a disinfected needle. I recommend that you sterilize the needle with rubbing alcohol to get this done. Once you have done that, take a tissue and squeeze the pimple from both sides at once, in an up and down motion. Do not squeeze too hard, or it will hurt!

Once you feel resistance (it should not take too much force to pop a ripe pimple) make sure to cease your efforts at once. Being too persistent with your pimple will only result in a scar that is often times more unsightly and longer lasting than the original pimple would have been.

That's it. Popping a pimple is no complicated affair, but it still pays to get the job done right!

Now if you want to nip the zit in the bud before it even has a chance to blemish your skin, your best option would be the Acne Clearing Device by Zeno.

This little device is being called pure magic by users, so if you want to stop a pimple in it's tracks you want to give this a try.